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Feb 24 / tedfox

Huh? God rested on the 7th day of creation? read on…

God rested on the 7th day not because God needed to rest…
Blur blur me found out what the 7th day rest really means… clarified! Hope u guys will see why God rested on the 7th day, esp those who were thinking along with us during SG! :)

First, God rested on the seventh day, Sabbath. The all-powerful God was not tired from creating the heavens and the earth, and yet the Bible shows that God rested on the seventh day, Sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath holy by resting was God’s first example to man. Here, “rest” simply means that God stopped or ceased His work of creation. God’s rest was not the rest of inactivity. It was a rest in distinction to His creative activities of the previous six days.

Second, God blessed the seventh day, Sabbath. This means that God gave the seventh day a special quality of goodness. He created a quality of blessing for the seventh day not given to any other day of the week. Notice that none of the other days of the week were blessed, only the seventh day.

Third, God sanctified or made holy the seventh day, Sabbath. By sanctifying or making the seventh day holy, God declared and made the seventh day to be sacred or holy time.

God did more than merely rest on that first Sabbath. “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it ? (). This was God’s final act in His creation week. He took the last day (seventh day) of the creation week and set it apart as a special day. God made the seventh day Sabbath special by blessing it and setting it apart from the other six days.

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About the 3 heavens… check this website out:

So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. (ESV)


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  1. cynyon / Apr 7 2006

    The scripture says that God ended his work on the seventh dat. That tells me that He did do some work on that day in order to end or finish it. Perhaps He did some fine tuning or made some adjustments. God only said that it was very good on the seventh day after it was finished. It is also possible that God’s rest was a pause to reflect on what He had created because after all, He really did not need a physical rest.

  2. jesse gathura / Dec 9 2008

    Gods rest on the seventh day was a rest of achievement and not one of inactivity

  3. Vladimir King Amadeus Felizco Medina / May 26 2009

    God is the best. All Hail Yahweh the powerful creator God. The greatest inventor and Scientist of all. Greater than a genius. He created the heavens and the earth with proportion.

    So, maybe you are taking it literally. I think that the Bible is a compilation of passage from that is like a puzzle. God is intelligent that is why we should not take it literally. A real genius like him will not be easy to understand.

    An example of proof that a Bible has a secret passage that makes it like a puzzle is
    found on Genesis and Revelation. I think God is the one speaking on both book.
    Genesis says that He created our Solar System or our Planet in just 7 days.
    The book of Revelation Says that a Thousand years for us is just like one day for God.
    That is the proof that that 7th day is not just one day. That seventh day where he rest is the Day where he observe all his creation.

  4. obie 1 conoby / Nov 25 2009

    i’m doin CE mocks and do not understand what is important about the seventh day of rest
    if u know please make a note of it on this website

  5. Confused! / Aug 18 2010

    I am confused:

    Since God cannot be bound by needing rest, similarly, how can one bound God in time. He took time; may it be 1 day or 6, puts a limit on God’s powers. Is God bound by time? If he wants something created, he knows how long its going to take, therefore, he has divided his work in days or time. May it be 1 biblical day is equal to 1000 earth days, as some would argue. How does that make sense?

    A god bound by time or any kind of limitation is not an omnipotent god. God was there before time. He doesn’t need time or space for that matter.

  6. Clint / Oct 4 2010

    I believe that God did sanctify the seventh day and make it holy, that he did rest in several senses of the word, but not in the common meaning, of inactivity. He invites us to come unto him and he will give us rest, but if we do come unto him, he gives us work. Every example of a man or woman who has come to god in the scriptures will show a person who has been given greater and greater works to allow them to follow in the Saviors path. His work is to bring his children back into His presence. His work is a restful work, a “sanctified” and “holy” work. It is a Glorifying work. It is no longer the work of the first six days of Creation, but is now a spiritual work.

    All six periods, of whatever length, which He termed days were given an end in every religious account of the creation. The seventh day is never given an end.

    The Scriptures give multiple accounts of the continuing works of Gods hands and the works which He has yet promised to do, all the way to the end of the world.

    I believe it is possible that this is still the Seventh day of God’s Creation and that His rest is an amazing fullness of Godly parenting, which uplifts, orders, improves, sustains, ministers, and inspires.

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